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Wendell Charles Financial

Private wealth management for select individuals.

At Wendell Charles Financial, we provide an independent & consultative approach to investment management. Each individual or corporation is unique & deserving of a comprehensive plan to achieve their specific goals. As a trusted advisor to our clients, we partner with many of the world’s leading investment managers & companies without the use of proprietary product.

The most important part of our firm is the relationship we have with each client. We only work with a select group of clients in order to remain easily accesible & directly communicate with each individual or plan sponsor . The professionals of Wendell Charles Financial look forward to helping our clients continue building their legacy through disciplined investment management strategies.

For Individuals:
In addition to asset management, our clients are often looking for opportunities that exist outside of major exchanges. These opportunities are often referred to as “alternative investments” & require extensive due diligence & evaluation prior to being discussed. We utilize our expertise & relationships for a select group of clients meeting minimum requirements & risk tolerance levels.

For Corporations:
Many corporations offer a 401(k) or other group retirement plan to help employees save & invest for retirement. Our firm can assist in plan design, fiduciary responsibility monitoring, & employee education. Owners, executives, & highly compensated individuals searching to go above & beyond 401(k) plan limits are often unaware they have additional options. Our executive level services consult with corporations to develop company specific strategies.

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